JDM EG5 Project Ended
I'm Working On My Projects With Long Time Honda Civic EG5 Despite All The Difficulties I Have Completed My Project To End This Way With Me And All My Friends And I Thank My Colleagues..
MMPowerTeam Chief Mustafa ILHAN


In This Video The Whole Video of The Honda Civic EG5 JDM Spec is Authorized SiR Trial Video And Special Effects MMPower Garage is Prepared to Club Members Will Not Follow, is a Very Special Library. And Team's Chief Mustafa ILHAN Held a Top Secret Project at The Public.

Watch This Video of People Good or Bad Idea That They Write to mailto:

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MMPower Honda Civic EG SiR JDM MMP (Pearl Black) Project
MMPower Team #67 Mehmet GENÇ Car Modified List:

BBS RSX Replica Front 8.0x16" Rear 9x16" Wheels,
FALKEN F2X Rear 195/45/16 Tires,
Pirelli PZero Nero Front 195/40/16 Tires,
TEIN Hood Damper,
Skuınk2 Shift Knob,
MOMO Red Line Matt,
Spoon Sports Miror,
Spoon Sports Back Spoiler,
RECARO R1 Racing Red Seats,
GReddy Airnix Air Intake,
Vision Design JDM Front Lamps,
Vision LED Design Front Signals,
Vision LED Design Back Light,
Honda JDM Front Fog Lamps,
OMP Strut Braces Top Quality Materials,
PRO Racing Short Shifter,
MOMO F1 Cup Steering Wheel,
Team HEKO waetherproof,
Mugen Power Dashoard,
OTTO Racing 4-1 Headers,
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