New Honda Civic Si
New Honda Civic Si MMPower NO:3 Project

The B18 and B18B. From 92-95 Current Civic Si DOHC 1.6 Non VTEC. Hp From 130 Andtq From 121 ft/lbs, All Depending On The Year Of The Engine. As With The Some Of The D Deries, These Engines Are Available Domestically And This Makes Finding One For a Decent Price And Verifying The Miles By VIN Code a Little Easier. And When You Consider, That Most Of The Integras Sold Here Are With This Type Of Engine, It Only Helps Availability/ Price. The Larger Displacement And Lightweight Of The Si Make These Engines Torque Something To Smile About. As Far As The Drag Racing/Performance Import World is Concerned, The Integra is King But These Low-End Model Engines Get No Respect. Which Makes Them Cheap. I’ve Seen Blocks Go For At The Local Salvage Yards.

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