MMPower I Have Got Into The Tuning Section In 1998, After We Shut Down My Fathers Business Because I Was Interested About The Cars. At These Days, Tuning Section In Kayseri City Was Not Know That Well. Because Of This It Was Impossible Me To Make Creative Projects That Shaped On My Mind Into The Real Life. Tuning Sector At These Days Was Known As Accessory Business For Cars And It Had No Vision. Tuning Sector Was Lifted Up In The Year 2000 As For The Whole Country. At That Year We Got Into This Business With The New Image, Vision And Name. As For The New Business Owner, I Created New Projects And These Projects Imitated By The Rivals. I Havy Tried The Keep The Original Designs Of The Cars Because I Thought Using The Extreme Body Kits With The Cheap Fibers Turning The Cars Into The Unusual Look. I Have Created Beautiful Projects Not Only In The Kayseri City But Ft The Whole Country With The Support Of My Friends Who Thought The Same. In The Year 2006 Have Quited My Job And Created Mt Own Business In The Same Section That Is Car Tuning. I Have Discussed The New Ideas With The Professionals In This Section And Decided The Name "MMPower" To Take Up The Next Level Not Only In The Kayseri City But In The Whole Country.I Have Created This Company As a Present For The Tuning Lovers. Therefore, I Have Bought The All Professionals Tuning Corporations Frenchises. We, As The MMPower Performance And Redisign Team Have The New Ideas In The Kayseri City But Keeping Up The Original Designs Of The Cars. I Have Created This Company As Youth Center Of The City.


Team Chief Mustafa ILHAN.
Director Nazif ILHAN.
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