Honda Civic EG5 (Pearl Black) Project
After a long road trip I met in Istanbul with bi civic eg5. received for the project and a new car, in your face, our new project car ...
I immediately hit the road and set off MMPower garage, d16a9 engine's speed by making experiments in 780 kilometers from Istanbul to kayseri....
 exposed to difficult conditions in istanbul a eg5 :) deplorable condition
 Our project is one of the most important parts in the rear 8x16 front of our wheels came 9x16 sizes like bbs rs
When we first attach to the rims to fit Honda's fender was almost impossible .. 
 After leaving the old shock absorbers instead of KONI shock absorbers and springs TEIN Stech was installed
 shock absorber and spring assembly after the first wheels eg5 bewildered eyes in industry was over
 fit into 9-inch wheels, rear fenders, of course eg5 new fenders absence and re-cut model for the mouth fenders have set the height of the tool
 rear and front camber angles to be set again when the front layout service ..
negative camber angle is set in the new situation
 happier with the new rims and new infamy eg5
the front fenders and front hood hood problems distorting the layout of the front panel brought new dimensions so all had to re-set 
 Remove the old radiator, and then again the original radiator bought Japanese goods
new panel and new fabrication measurements 
I kept waiting for days night by the residents 
Measuring compliance with the front fender 8x16 ET15 Tire 215/45/16 rear fenders still like to receive within the new measure was being prepared. 
 very difficult to enter the shop within body part was taken because the ground was close to the exhaust eg5 ...
by changing the front fender design signals of mmp place next door is the continuation of the strip has become a part of the signals 
 A widening fenders still close to 10cm sad news to move the tires continued to rub, so only the front wheels of the new tire size to 195/40/16 Pirelli tire brand produced and ordered
I slowly jdm parts order from the U.S. Advent began to come to my place 
 most important of these is the only one in turkey headlights signals Cell signals glare
 fabricated parts are missing the original plastic covering the right gate pole came at the end of Honda in Japan
colleagues from istanbul turkey with the air filter Greddy brand sponge with a plate of American domestic market has also sent 
The 1993 model was chosen as special branch traffic eg5 ankara for my plate now the largest part of the project took place no longer turns 
headlights and signal with re-setting the way fenders are sitting 
new rear fender stay loyal to the original model expansion 
order model of the spoon in the U.S. business came to mirror 
 bit longer to work their body paint process nearing
process was laid for the first primer paint 
 least a happy attitude :)
 2 for small transactions putty and primer layer to be dropped
 buffering the front and rear with the rear trunk spoiler paint is getting ready to spoon model
 and finally our specially prepared color was applied in our project car, nacreous black pearl black (picture they were taken in dark room without any light camera flash only photograph available)
 the shadow of this black color features a full black, light yellow in color comes in time for the emergence of psoriasis
 a little better to understand where the color feature more photos
 change the way the door trim was sent to the upholsterer can remove
 side door in the back seat coverings, such as the original color to black again to turn sent
 sidelight for the new location opens up holes
 Brand is montage TEIN hood dampers
 civic problems and connections for electric electrician came
 rear stop lamp fitted with a new generation of Cell and plate of white LED lighting hole changed
 front bumper was installed
 came to the garage and re-interpretation brought millions of
to receive the new color wheels went to the painter, so the factory wheels were fitted 
 fenders with a better view of the operation are the original wheels
I ordered the tires for front wheel came italy 195/40/16 Pirelli PZero nero 
 jan has now gained new colors, stored in the car's color with the color of yellow gold pearl
 to the front fenders were custom hoods
 makes the image even shaking inside, but I still have to complete my project
met, and now my new tire rims wheels fitted with my time had come for eg5 
 many are waiting in customs for a long time, thank s for seats came at the end
 a good cleaning, the seats are continuing with the installation
 made of the rear trunk spoiler assembly no longer had time to honor and Honda team chief (# 10) onur or team chief and I (# 01) spoon spoiler to attach arms were plastered
where it belongs in our plate now was looking forward to ... 
 brands I use in my project, I gave in the rear side windows.
 gold color and design appropriate to the vehicle wheels SiR logo
mugen type r style rims new dial pointer 
 I've used for many years and with high sentimental value for me to mount my steering wheel would make.
 behalf of the other music by Nazif (# 99), is now prepared specifically for eg5 system for music cd's that overwrite the text (we steal the cd from the fuck am)
 MOMO F1 Concept Steering Wheel
 Momo steering wheel buttons for the horn while the link
 style gear shift knob came TypeR skunk2 brand and installation has been switched to
To change the color of the eccentric oil cover of the original black paint scratched, while labor for Halit IŞIK (#12) would like to thank our friends 
 team chief, so I Mustafa ILHAN (# 01), abroad with my buddies, I continue to order correspondence to
 assembly has been switched to our brand Recaro seats
 and left behind, Honda OEM Seats :)
 meanwhile took part in mop momo
 I hope everyone has enough hate from the original end silencer
 new paint and dust is not a short time does not damage packaging was processed

In This Video The Whole Video of The Honda Civic EG5 JDM Spec is Authorized SiR Trial Video And Special Effects MMPower Garage is Prepared to Club Members Will Not Follow, is a Very Special Library. And Team's Chief Mustafa ILHAN Held a Top Secret Project at The Public.

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Initial exit and that little experiment begins with an 
 testing the Burhanettin MERCAN (#02) and made Murat TOSUNBAYRAKTAR (#34)
 private label was applied to the production MMPower
 now the new exhaust system on the future of the U.S. eg5 still waiting
MMPowerTeam quick day 2010 first event Photographs of the meeting,,
 windshield glass came from Germany after a long time coming
Honda Civic EG5 SiR MMP JDM Project (Not Ended)
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